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OhioRAAM began in 2008 when The Race Across AMerica organization moved the RAAM route through Ohio from north of Dayton to squeeze between the Dayton and Cincinnati metropolitan areas.  Martin Dressman took over the reigns of organizing a staffed time station in the area.

 Lee Kreider, who had met Martin in Troy, offered his help. Martin proposed two staffed time stations rather than one.  The first was located at Hamilton, Ohio (which the next year moved to Oxford) and Blanchester.  Martin managed the operation while Lee did the web site.  Others were recruited to captain and staff the stations.

Local people took an interest.   Staff and services offered grew at both locations.

At Blanchester Amy and John McFaddin took over as captains with Bob Griffith as an able assistant.

In Oxford Jim Lawyer became the captain and he has the support of a large group of active women known as The Golden Tri.

In  2018 Jim Lawyer opened a staffed time station in Chillicothe, Ohio and the Golden Tri with the help of Mike Minium took over full responsibility for Oxford.

Now three of the four time stations in Ohio are staffed around the clock as the race passes.

Mike Minium of Oxford became known as "The Sign Man" who planted more than 200 route signs over almost 200 miles of the Race Across AMerica route between Time Stations Greensburg, Indiana and Chillicothe, Ohio

Due to personal circumstances Martin has dropped out from time station involvement.  Meanwhile, Lee Kreider reduced his involvement and started the OhioRAAM Show.

OhioRAAM remains loosely organized.  It is more an idea with a lot of people working in their unique ways to make The Race Across AMerica in Ohio a great experience for racers, crews, staff, officials and fans.

When  Maria Parker visited  The OhioRAAM Show she said, “Coming to Ohio was like coming to a family reunion.” 

In September, 2023 the OhioRAAM Show rebranded to UltraCycling Magazine.  The new name reflections what we have become and are becoming.

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