#57 Justin Too guests on OhioRAAM Show

  •  Lives in San Jose, California
  • Commutes by bike to Livermore National Laboratories
  • Riding to raise awareness of and to end human trafficking and slavery.
  • Website for A21 Across America.

#56 The All Dane Show


Interviews with Danish Ultra-Cyclists

  • Anders Tesgaard
  • Per Kyed Laursen
  • Andy Christensen

#47 Calvin's Challenge 2014

This show was recorded on location.

Host, Lee Kreider, Interviewed by Vic Armijo of RAAM Media

#44 Interview with Twisted Swissters (Switzerland and Australia) Sun, Apr 27

Four Man Under 50 Team

  • Philippe May (Switzerland) - Speed Skier One of 5 men to ski over 250 km/h - 155 MPH
  • Claude-Alain Gailand (Switzerland) - Mountain & Extreme Tour Guide
  • Ismaël Devènes (Switzerland) - Member of the Swiss Speed Ski Team since 2007
  • Steven Beverling (Australia) - Twice on 4 man RAAM team
  • Tracie Max Sachs, Crew Chief (Switzerland) - Five time winner Speed Sking World Cup. Fastest speed 238.57 kph / 148.27 mph (Tracie's website)
  • Facebook Page

#43 Interview with Dave Elsberry (USA) Mon. Apr 21

  •  Dave Elsberry will ride in The Race Across AMerica solo male age 60-69 category
  • He races in support of the National MS Society. (You can donate using his website.)
  • Web site: daverides.com
  • Dave's Facebook Page

#41 Interview of Beny and Corinne Furrer (Swiss)

Corinne and Beny

#40 Interview: Per Kyed Laursen (Denmark)

  • Website: fatboyonwheels.dk
  • In 2004 I was the prototype couch potato who’s idea of exercise was watching Tour de France on the TV. I weighed 113 kg (249 pounds), smoked 30 cigarettes a day and had symptoms of Type 2 diabetes
  • Around this time I saw a documentary about RAAM and thought that to be the most insane thing ever.
  • In October 2004 I decided that I wanted to stop gaining weight Started spinning 2 times a week. (And that has sort of developed a bit ;)
  • Today I train 15 hours + a week (currently 25 hours) - because it is fun and I really enjoy it!
  • Since 2005 I have among other things finished: 5 x 200 miles bike races. 1 x 350 miles bike race, RAAM qualifier, 443 miles, 4 marathons. 2 full Ironman distances
    4 x 1/2 ironman distances. Was drafted for the danish national Triathlon Age Group team in 2012
  • Now facing raam. From the beginning the symbol of the impossible

#37 Interview with Seana Hogan (USA

  • Seana's Website www.seanahogan.com
  • Solo female in 50-59 age group Race Across AMerica
  • Six time winner of The Race Across AMerica
    (Including the Woman Record all time record 9d 4h 2m)
  • Seattle-San Diego Fastest time for both men and women
    (3d 16h 5m)
  • San Francisco - Los Angeles Fastest time for both men and women
    (19h 11m)
  • 24 hour track - 445.78 miles | 12 hour track - 244.15 miles
  • 200 mile track - 9 h 44m 39s | 100 mile track - 4h 22m 54s
  • 24 hour time trial win 432 miles

#36 Interview with Georgia Chain Gang March 6th

  • 8 person mixed team racing in RAAM 2014
  • Based in Atlanta Georgia
  • Team website: gachaingang.org
  • Team Goal
    • Finish the 3,000 mile Race Across America
    • Raise $200,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • George Chain Gang Facebook Page

# 35 Roundtable Show at the UMCA Seminar with Cassie Schumacher and Doug Hoffman

3:00 pm EST (Eastern US) - Noon PST (Pacific Coast US)
8:00pm GMT (20:00 - London) - 9:00pm (21:00 CET Central Europe)
07:00 Sydney Australia

Meeting with the UMCA Seminar in Northwest Ohio

  • Hosted by Cassie Schumacher
  • Cassie's website:  wheels4change.org
  • Guest: Doug Hoffman head of the UltraMarathon Cycling Association
  • UMCA web site: www.ultracycling.com
  • Joining us: UltraCyclist from around the world

#34 Interview with Joan Deitchman (Canada)


#33 Interview of The Aussies (Australia)

The Aussies are a four person mixed team (2 woman - 2 Men)

Neridah ‘Ned’ Bermingham, 39
Lives in Singapore
Registered Nurse

Mat Lock, 39
Lives in Singapore
Manager: Safety & Medical industry

Sarah Matthews, 39
Near Sydney, Australia
Emergency Veterinarian Surgeon

Theo Matsas, 43
Melbourne, Australia
IT Industry as National Host Services Manager

#27 The All Woman Show

A group of women cyclist will discuss endurance cycling from their perspective

Featured on the All Woman OhioRAAM Show were:
  • Maria Parker - Lumberton, North Carolina
  • Sara Harper - Cleveland, OH
  • Ryanne Palermo - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Patty George - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lisa Brunckhorst - Oxford, OH
Charities Represented on the Show were: