Monday, March 31, 2014

#40 Interview: Per Kyed Laursen (Denmark)

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  • In 2004 I was the prototype couch potato who’s idea of exercise was watching Tour de France on the TV. I weighed 113 kg (249 pounds), smoked 30 cigarettes a day and had symptoms of Type 2 diabetes
  • Around this time I saw a documentary about RAAM and thought that to be the most insane thing ever.
  • In October 2004 I decided that I wanted to stop gaining weight Started spinning 2 times a week. (And that has sort of developed a bit ;)
  • Today I train 15 hours + a week (currently 25 hours) - because it is fun and I really enjoy it!
  • Since 2005 I have among other things finished: 5 x 200 miles bike races. 1 x 350 miles bike race, RAAM qualifier, 443 miles, 4 marathons. 2 full Ironman distances
    4 x 1/2 ironman distances. Was drafted for the danish national Triathlon Age Group team in 2012
  • Now facing raam. From the beginning the symbol of the impossible

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